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  [lj-cut text= This spitefic will make me feel better.)

Someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes to see a girl bending over me. She looked about fifteen with wild red hair and blue eyes. She had on a ratty gray shirt and jeans. Her outfit looked like it had been picked up off the bedroom floor. She was pale, too. If her eyes weren't blue I would have guessed that she was a vampire. "You're up," she said. "That's good. Miraculously you weren't injured. No broken bones. And you're not dead. I'm impressed. Do you feel alright?"
  "Yes, I feel fine," I answered. The girl nodded crisply. "Good." She stared at me for a moment more and then slapped me with all her strength. My head jerked from the impact. Before I could say something, she slapped me again. "You are the most aggravating person I have ever met!" she screamed.
  "Now, wait a minute. Who are you? What gives you the right to slap me?"
"The name's Rogue. And ordinarily I wouldn't have bothered with you. I mean, the world's full of self-absorbed teenagers like you. But you're just- great, now I'm so worked up that I can't even think of a good word to describe you. Wait, I can. Brat, whore, slut, selfish, annoying, judgmental, hypocritical, whiny,shall I go on? No, on second thought, we'll be here all night and the Nostalgia Critic has a new review out. I'll just stick to a few main points."
  She paused to draw breath and I managed to get a word in edgewise. "Look, I don't know who you think you are, but you have no right to talk to me like that!" Why was she being so mean? It was so unfair.
 Rogue chuckled scathingly. "Oh, I don't, do I? Well, it's high time somebody did. Let's talk about Edward dumping you." I gasped as a pang pierced my heart. "Don't say his name," I begged. Rogue's face showed no sympathy. "Edward.Edward.Edward. Edward." I let out a little moan and clutched my chest tighter. "Stop it," Rogue snapped. "I'm saying Edward's name. Get over it. He left you. He left you on the middle of the forest floor like a coward. He treated you like a child. You know, maybe that's what this is all about. You threw a temper tantrum about visiting a rainy place to see your father so you never really had a father figure. And since you thought Renee was too incompetent to do her job as your mother, you never really had a parent figure. For god's sake, Edward watches you sleep, carries you around, puts you on his lap...he disregards your feelings all the time. When was the last time he asked you what you wanted and listened to you?"
  "Don't say that!" I cried. "Edward was just trying to protect me!"  Rogue carried on ruthlessly. "Sure, he was trying to protect you. That's why he left you helpless in the forest. Doesn't the fucker realize that the cowardly way to dump someone these days is through Facebook or texting? Now I can understand you being upset. It's normal. But it's been months. Move on with your life. You cannot curl up and die whenever a boy dumps you. It happens. If we all did that the world's population would be screwed. A guy I liked for a while said he liked me, kissed me, then the next day he got back together with his girlfriend and said it was all a mistake. I felt like crap for a while, but I ranted to my mom and best friend and moved on. Try it."
  She paused to take a breath. "Now let's talk about your treatment of Jacob. Stop leading that poor boy on.And don't even think about protesting that he's misreading your signals. You know he has feelings for you. Now I believe that girls and guys can hug each other and it can still be platonic. But both parties have to acknowledge it and accept it. Jacob thinks you have feelings for him and you allowing him to paw you is just encouraging him. Tell him that you're still hung up on your boyfriend of a few months and that you'll never allow yourself to be in a healthy relationship again. Then stop hugging him and all that. It's selfish."
   "I'm not leading Jacob on!And I don't have feelings for him!"
Rogue snorted but didn't press the point. "And what about being afraid of Jacob because he's a werewolf? Oh, he kills people. He can control it." Rogue mocked my voice. "But you didn't mind when Edward said he killed people. Oh no, that wasn't his fault. He was a vampire. And I seem to recall Edward mentioning that he wanted to kill you when he first met you. Jasper attacked you. So did James. Victoria's after you. By all rights, you should be more afraid of vampires than werewolves. At least they're risking their lives for humanity and to protect your ungrateful ass. What do your precious vampires do? They're either trying to kill you or sitting on their lazy asses at school even though they know all this shit. Why are you admiring a bunch of whiny, lazy,judgmental teenagers? Oh yeah, because you are one. And what's this about Jacob dying being unfair to you? Are you fucking kidding me? Yes, how dare Jacob die. Never mind that it's a young life cut tragically short. Never mind that his family will be devastated. Never mind that he'll be sacrificing himself to help you. No, he can't die because it'll upset you. After the strain of having your boyfriend dump you, who knows how much more you can take?" Rogue's voice takes on a sickeningly sweet tone as she says this. "But then you take it a step further. Jacob has the audacity to try and stop Victoria from killing you. So he had to postpone your cliff-diving date. But noo, you couldn't wait to hear Edward's voice yourself so you decide to try and commit suicide. And of course you choose the most dramatic and difficult way to die. What, you couldn't just slit your wrists? Oh, yeah, the blood might remind you of you vampires. Look, I've got some poison. I'll hook you up. It's much quicker and less messy."
   "I was not trying to kill myself!" I snap. How dare she think that? Rogue smirked. "Sure you weren't. I'm sure you thought you would be perfectly fine after jumping off the cliff into the raging water." A knock sounded at the door and I heard someone call for Rogue. Her face transformed. A wide smile spread across her face and her eyes lit up. She was almost pretty. A tall girl with long brown hair walked into the room. She had pink and red highlights. Spiked bracelets lined her arms and she had on a corset and tight pants. Rogue smiled. "I like the look." The girl grinned back. "Thanks. Had a meeting with the royals and wanted to fuck with them." Rogue leaned into the girl's embrace. "It looks sexy." The girl looked at Coral the way Edward looked at me. No way. It was impossible. Two girls- I didn't have anything against it, but-
  The girl noticed me then. "Who are you?" she turned to Rogue. "Cheating on me, are you? Or is this a threesome?" Before I could splutter out a protest, Rogue interrupted. "No, Coral. She's not into fairies and witches. She's into corpses with glitter."
 "Oh." Coral looked at me, took Rogue's hand, and led her into the next room. [lj-cut text]


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