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Evermore Sporking Chapter 2
Now we're going to be introduced to our love interest. I always find myself interested in these scenes, seeing as how the love interest is always billed as being super amazing, yet he rarely has any personality at all. That is unless being a douche counts as personality. But these authors seem to think that being rude to a girl counts as charming flirting. Let's see, will there be a long list of adjectives that don't actually describe what he looks like? Will everyone squee over Damen? Yes, and yes. But Ever isn't interested in Damen at the moment, though I'm willing to take bets on how soon she'll find herself being drawn to him for no adequate reason. And of course Damen sits next to Ever in class. At least it's not biology class. You'd think that being partners in bio was the equivalent of getting married. Ever's all distant and shit, and she makes a note of the fact that Damen wears motorcycle boots, which is apparently out of place among the flip flops. Again, the whole fashion stereotyping is really going to get on my nerves. I might as well resign myself to the fact that certain elements appear often in a YA novel. We have no idea what Damen looks like, considering Ever keeps looking at his feet.

Of course, everyone is thinking about how poor Damen has to sit next to Ever for the entire period. Do teenagers really do this? Don't get me wrong, I had crushes on guys in my classes and I certainly enjoyed the view, but I didn't think about them the entire class period. Also, why is it that everyone finds the love interest hot? I know it's because it makes the average main character seem even more special, but what about different ideas about beauty? Why doesn't anyone say, "Well, I prefer guys lean guys as opposed to muscular guys or something like that?"  I'd like to point out that I don't even know what the hell Damen looks like so everyone going nuts over him is really odd.

By lunch time, everyone's talking about Damen, because obviously they've never had a new student before that's so hot. How big is the student body, and how fast can word spread? I refuse to believe that everyone thinks Damen is hot. Personal tastes, anyone? So while Ever listens to the school creaming their pants over the new kid, her friend Haven joins her, and she is also creaming her pants over Damen. Ever actually tells her she's being ridiculous, but Haven just says that if she'd seen Damen, she would fall in lust with him as well. Haven, just because you think Damen is hot doesn't mean Ever will, too.

As Haven is discussing how hot Damen is, she starts eating a cupcake. Ever mentions that she dresses like someone who would rather drink blood rather than eat a little pink cupcake. What the hell does that mean? People who dress like goths don't like to eat delicious cupcakes with pink frosting? I suppose Haven would rather eat cupcakes with black frosting and bat shaped sprinkles. Whoever heard of stereotyping what people eat based on clothes? While we're on the subject, why is it that vampires are always associated with gothic clothes? Hell, I like the look, but it'd be nice to see a vampire that just wearing jeans and a shirt. Oh, and the fact that Ever insinuates that Haven dresses like vampire is really helping my belief that Haven is secretly Ebony.

Ever's other best friend Miles arrives. He's gay. You can totally tell because of how much he goes on about fashion and emphasizes random words. Because we can't have a gay character who is not camp gay or effeminate. I'm not saying there aren't gays like that,but that seems to be the only depiction. Of course, he's crushing on Damen as well. But Haven goes all catty because she called dibs on Damen. Sweetie, stop being so possessive. It's not like you're dating him. Besides, the entire school called dibs on Damen, so you'll pretty much have to fight them all. Second, did it ever occur to you that Damen might have someone already or he might be gay or asexual? Of course I know that's not going to happen, but it'd make a nice twist. Might actually give him some personality.

Haven uses odd dialogue to describe Damen, such as smoldering and combustible. What does smoldering even mean? I've heard this term before and I don't know how someone who is smoldering is supposed to look.  I'm nineteen, and what I heard when people talked about a guy was that they were hot, and some curse words and slang I can't remember. But maybe Haven's the type of girl who edits herself when she talks.

Miles asks Ever if she's seen Damen and she says yes, which causes them to flip out. But Ever doesn't really care, and her friends flip out even more. Not everyone goes gaga over hot people! Some of us are perfectly capable of keeping calm! Sheesh! Besides, Damen is just a new student. He's not a celebrity. He's done nothing to deserve this mass fangirling the school is doing. Oh, and remember how I said that we were spared a biology scene? We're getting a scene in English instead. If I have to read a poor attempt to make Ever and Damen's romance be like a classic book, I'm going to brain myself with my television remote. What classic is the class reading? Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights, or Pride and Predjudice? It's Wuthering Heights. At least there's no attempt to make Heathcliff and Cathy seem like the ideal couple. Yet again, there's a mention of Ever's hood. Seriously, is Ever the only girl in school who wears a hoodie? Haven's happy because Ever had her hood up, which means that she won't be competition. This is a running theme throughout the series. Haven and Ever are supposed to be best friends, yet Haven is jealous of Ever and likes to see her fail. And seeing as how Ever hasn't gotten a good look at Damen as yet, there's no reason for her to think he's cute. Actually, the entire school can't all have seen Damen, right? Oh, who am I kidding? A mass text was probably sent out and everyone abandoned class to gawk at him.

Damen's in Ever's art class as well. She's not paying attention of course, but everyone else is thinking about him, including the teacher. This remind me of how Mr. Banner had a crush on Bella Swan. Oh, and Ever still hasn't looked at Damen yet, but now the moment of truth has come. Damen has parked next to Ever, which causes Miles to squeal. Good fucking grief. Now Miles flips out over Damen's BMW, because heaven forbid a love interest drive a non flashy car. He makes plans to accidentally bump his car door with Damen's so that he'll have an excuse to talk to him. This is pathetic. Do people honestly make lame excuses to talk to a person they like? Why can't these people just say hello or smile at Damen? Why must everything be a calculation of how to accidentally start a conversation with him?

Ever's a cockblocker, so Miles tells her to check Damen out. It would be funny if Ever didn't think Damen was that hot, but that will never happen. And even if she didn't, she'd be eating her words when Damen does some  stupid flirting, says some cryptic shit, or acts like an asshole. Then she'll be all over him. Of course, Miles has to knock Ever's hood down and steal her sunglasses, because there's no way Damen will find her attractive if she's wearing a horrible hoodie. And now, the moment of truth.... Typical. Ever's completely frozen thanks to Damen's good looks. With all these love interests capable of rendering a girl motionless with their stunning good looks, it might make a nice weapon. Ever stops and stares, and Miles is gesturing because Ever's making a fool of herself. Does Damen live up to the hype? He has shiny dark hair that hits just shy of his shoulders and curves around his high sculpted cheekbones, and deep, dark, almond shaped eyes that are framed with lashes so lush they almost seem fake. His lips are ripe and inviting with a perfect cupids bow. And his body is long, lean, tight, and clad all in black.

Huh. I can't really get a good visual of Damen in my head, unless I picture someone else who has dark hair. I don't really think Damen lives up to the hype, seeing as I don't really know what he looks like. But as I've mentioned before, it's pretty unrealistic that everyone would have a crush on Damen. Miles tries to snap Ever out of her trance, but Ever's still too busy staring at Damen. It's like she's a bird caught in a trapped by a snake's stare. This might actually be a good tool to use if these supernatural creatures were predators instead of love interests. But the reason Ever's staring at Damen is because his eyes seem familiar. I can understand pausing to look at someone because you think you've seen them somewhere before or you think they're cute,but the way this is written makes it sound like Ever's been gawping for five minutes.

Why does Damen seem so familiar to Ever? I'll solve the mystery right now. He's the one she saw at the sight of the crash. It's completely obvious, or I'm just genre savvy. Ever's also transfixed by Damen because he doesn't have an aura. An aura is an invisible field of color that emanates from someone's body. Ever gained the ability to see auras after the accident. Naturally, mentioning this earned Ever a few psychiatric visits and brain scans. Of course, Ever keeps quiet about her new powers after a while. Ever's gotten so used to seeing people's auras that she's forgotten that she didn't always have that power. That kind of reminds me of Edward being unable to read Bella's mind, only gender flipped.

Damen greets Ever, and he has dazzling white teeth. If he has great smelling breath like Edward Cullen, I swear I'm going to throw my copy of Evermore at the wall. Ever still isn't moving. How long has she been staring at Damen? This is getting ridiculous. While she's busy staring at Damen, she introduces Miles to Damen, because Miles is having a hissy fit because he's being ignored. Damen glances at Miles, but clearly his attention is on Ever. He needs to borrow Ever's copy of Wuthering Heights. I can actually understand Ever wanting to touch Damen, but being afraid to because of her powers. It turns out Ever doesn't need to worry, because nothing happened except for a tingling in her fingertips. I wonder if the tingling was an electric spark that means Damen and Ever are soulmates. I've never really bought that if a person touches someone they like they'll both feel a literal spark.

Damen leaves, and Miles yammers on about how Ever acted like such a freak, and emphasizes random words. I want to teleport into this book and duct tape his mouth shut. Oh, and it's a good thing Haven wasn't here, because she called dibs on Damen. You know, Damen is not an item to be bought at an auction. Would it be so much to ask that the love interest has a personality besides being eye candy? Actually, I wonder if everyone goggling at Damen counts as objectifying him. One more thing. Am I to understand that Haven would've gone ballistic if she'd seen Ever talking to Damen? What the hell? First of all, Haven and Damen aren't dating. Second of all, Ever and Damen have every right to talk to each other. I hate significant others that won't let their partners talk to other people without their permission.You know what this reminds me of? Vampire fanfictions where the girl has to ask permission from her boyfriend to hug any other male and afterward the boyfriend has to rub himself all over her to assert his dominance. I hate that shit! And I hate Haven. Possessive freak.

Miles continues to drone on and on, and I don't blame Ever for tuning him out, because I just skimmed his dialogue. Her mind is on more important matters, such as Damen not having an aura. This is really worrying because people who don't have auras are dead.


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