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Evermore Sporking Chapter 1
Evermore is a book about a girl named Ever whose entire family was killed in a horrible accident. After the accident, Ever develops mysterious powers, and tries to drown them out by wearing hoodies and pumping up the volume on her Ipod, which makes her a freak at her new school.Then the mysterious Damen Auguste transfers in, and Ever is instantly drawn to him. But he has a secret(shocker) and Ever wants to know what it is as she finds herself falling in love with him. I bet that when I go to Barnes and Nobles on Saturday, I 'll  find eight books with the exact same plot. I do not own the Immortals series, and no copyright infringement is intended. This is just a hobby and I mean no harm.

Ther's an aura chart in this book, and I suppose the different colors represent what mood someone's in. For example, someone with a yellow aura may be feeling intellectual or indecisive. I don't know how Ever is supposed to tell the difference. Also, can you feel intellectual? I mean, I'd feel pretty smart if I answered a question right or did a good job on a term paper, but intellectual is a whole other thing. Or is someone's aura the summation of their personality?I wonder what my aura would be right now. I feel calm, but there's a lingering annoyance caused by the fact that I accidently deleted my previous attempt at this sporking when I was close to the end. Whatever.  In the spirit of the other young adult writes, Alyson Noel has included a quote from a famous author, Emily Dickinson! The quote goes "The only secret people keep is immortality. No doubt it was thrown in to foreshadow the plot, but I'm pretty sure that the phrase was misinterpeted. It certainly wouldn't surprise me.

The story starts with someone named Haven covering Ever's eyes and saying "Guess who?" There's a paragraph long description of Haven's gothic clothes, and I'm going to be merciful and not trancribe them. Just go to a fanfic where the author's name has a bunch of x's and I'm pretty sure there'll be a paragraph long description of the characters' corsets, spiked collars, dyed spiked hair, and boots. Ever must have a photgraphic memory, because she gives a pretty good description for someone who isn't seeing Haven. I'm reminded of the opening scene in the book Valiant, where the main character's best friend presses a can of soda to her back as a joke. Except that Valiant is one of my favorite books. Ever also knows that Haven has parent issues(who doesn't) and her little brother broke her Evanescence CD, but is too scared to tell her. Given how easily and dramatically Haven throws tantrums later on in the series, I don't blame the kid. Oh, and Ever knows because she's psychic. We just had an info dump of Haven's life, and then get a quick, BTW, Ever's psychic. Again, I'm reminded of fanfiction where the author lists all of the characters deus ex machina powers along with an overblown description of their physical appearance and their entire life story.

Ever decides to screw with Haven by jokingly guessing that she's Hilary Duff, which causes Haven to freak out, because Hilary Duff is a filthy prep, and therefore a mortal enemy to the gothic Haven. Wait a minute, too long descriptions of gothic clothes, hatred of Hilary's Ebony Dementia Raven Darkness Way! She's managed to escape the Harry Potter fandom and become a main character in a book series! Fuck! Ever corrects her answer, and ther's more name dropping. I'm not going to bother with that, save to say that name dropping a certain singer is not character development and will not make me think that the character is gothic.

Now that Ever has appeased Haven, her thoughts turn to how she doesn't want Haven to touch her because touching is too revealing. It might have been interesting if Ever was a germaphobe but I'm sure that trait would somehow manage to annoy me. The conversation turns to how Ever is wearing hoodies and listening to her Ipod loudly. So what? Lots of people wear hoodies to disguise the fact that they listen to Ipods. It's not that unusal. In my high school my classmates would just blatantly listen to their music, but that was because teachers had no authority. Does this school enfore the no Ipods better than mine did? Also, my mom listens to her Ipod really loudly, so that's not unusual. Nothing Ever has done has made me think she's a feak, but I'm only a page or so in.

Haven leaves, and Ever's powers warn her that some idiots are going to harrass Haven by stepping on her long skirt and making her trip. I can buy that, people do stupid shit in high schol. But Haven scares them off by making the sign of evil, which is totally bullshit, by the way, but it scares the boys off. Haven, the middle finger is a much more respected response. Haven's bullshit sign makes me think of the movie A Little Princess,  where Sara Crewe pretends to cast a hex on some girl. Except I love A Little Princess and Haven doesn't deserve  to even spit in Sara's direction. I think this is a survival technique of mine. I keep thinking of thiings I like. This book isn't annoying me that much yet, but it's not sucking me into the story. And I know that it's only the first few pages, but I've heard agents say that readers tend to read the first five pages in a book before deciding to read more, so a strong beginning is nice.

Now that Ever knows Haven is safe from idiot boys who have no life, she goes to class. Stacia Miller places her purse in her way and calls Ever a loser. Thus we see Ever's tragic life as an outcast! Please. That's not bullying, that's a minor inconvinience! This bullying seems a tad childish. I hate bullying in these books. The bullies are one dimensional and have no motivation. Why is the main character always bullied? Not everyone was bullied in high school. Also, the reasons for bullying are supremely weak. Ever is bullied because she wears hoodies and listens to her Ipod. Since when did wearing hoodies make one a freak? And when did listening to your Ipod make you a freak? Half of the kids at my high school and college would be considered freaks by those standards. Talk to me when the bullies dump a bucket of pig's blood on the main character or try to drown them and then talk to me about their tragic life at the hands of the bullies.

While Ever waits for her teacher to come to class, we learn that he's an alcoholic because his life sucks. I wonder if this will come into play, or if it's just an offhand mention to subsitute character development. Personally I believe that Mr. Robins is getting drunk because that's the only way he's able to deal with these characters. We're then treated to a flashback to Ever's life. It turns out that Ever was a normal popular girl, with a loving family, and dog. She was also a cheerleader. A sadistic part of me thinks that the accident was to punish Ever for being a cheerleader, because we all know how cheerleaders get treated in YA. But there was an accident, and Ever has a near death experience. Her entire family starts wandering towards the light, but Ever gets distracted by all the pretty flowers and trees, like Little Red Riding wandering off the path. Except that there's no big bad wolf to eat her. How unfortunate. Ever snaps out of it and tries to find her family, but they've disappeared and she's trapped in the mist. The mist reminds me of something, but I can't think what. But then Ever wakes up bcause someone called her name, and she's looking into hhis dark eyes. I know it's supposed to be a surprise, but it's Damen. It's compeltely obvious that it's Damen. The chapter ends with flashack Ever passing out.

Next time, Damen Auguste is properly introduced.


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