House Passes CISPA: Make Sure It Dies In Senate
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CISPA would give the government and corporations vast new powers to track and share data about Americans’ Internet use.

But our hundreds of thousands of emails and tens of thousands of phone calls have had a real impact:

Amendments were adopted that made CISPA (marginally) better.

Earlier this month CISPA was supposed to sail through, but we helped foment opposition, and the vote was far closer than anybody could have imagined even a couple of weeks ago.

Most Democrats held firm in opposition, and more than two dozen libertarian-leaning Republicans defied their leadership and voted no.

Most importantly, President Obama has threatened to veto CISPA.

***Additionally, CISPA would destabilize the internet inviting cyber attacks and increasing the amount of identity theft.***

The Senate will consider cyber security legislation in the coming weeks. Let’s turn up the heat right away: Tell the Senate to reject CISPA and any and all legislation that doesn’t respect privacy and civil liberties.
Add your name at right to tell the Senate to reject cyber security legislation that doesn’t respect privacy.

Evermore Sporking Chapter 2
Now we're going to be introduced to our love interest. I always find myself interested in these scenes, seeing as how the love interest is always billed as being super amazing, yet he rarely has any personality at all. That is unless being a douche counts as personality. But these authors seem to think that being rude to a girl counts as charming flirting. Let's see, will there be a long list of adjectives that don't actually describe what he looks like? Will everyone squee over Damen? Yes, and yes. But Ever isn't interested in Damen at the moment, though I'm willing to take bets on how soon she'll find herself being drawn to him for no adequate reason. And of course Damen sits next to Ever in class. At least it's not biology class. You'd think that being partners in bio was the equivalent of getting married. Ever's all distant and shit, and she makes a note of the fact that Damen wears motorcycle boots, which is apparently out of place among the flip flops. Again, the whole fashion stereotyping is really going to get on my nerves. I might as well resign myself to the fact that certain elements appear often in a YA novel. We have no idea what Damen looks like, considering Ever keeps looking at his feet.

Of course, everyone is thinking about how poor Damen has to sit next to Ever for the entire period. Do teenagers really do this? Don't get me wrong, I had crushes on guys in my classes and I certainly enjoyed the view, but I didn't think about them the entire class period. Also, why is it that everyone finds the love interest hot? I know it's because it makes the average main character seem even more special, but what about different ideas about beauty? Why doesn't anyone say, "Well, I prefer guys lean guys as opposed to muscular guys or something like that?"  I'd like to point out that I don't even know what the hell Damen looks like so everyone going nuts over him is really odd.

By lunch time, everyone's talking about Damen, because obviously they've never had a new student before that's so hot. How big is the student body, and how fast can word spread? I refuse to believe that everyone thinks Damen is hot. Personal tastes, anyone? So while Ever listens to the school creaming their pants over the new kid, her friend Haven joins her, and she is also creaming her pants over Damen. Ever actually tells her she's being ridiculous, but Haven just says that if she'd seen Damen, she would fall in lust with him as well. Haven, just because you think Damen is hot doesn't mean Ever will, too.

As Haven is discussing how hot Damen is, she starts eating a cupcake. Ever mentions that she dresses like someone who would rather drink blood rather than eat a little pink cupcake. What the hell does that mean? People who dress like goths don't like to eat delicious cupcakes with pink frosting? I suppose Haven would rather eat cupcakes with black frosting and bat shaped sprinkles. Whoever heard of stereotyping what people eat based on clothes? While we're on the subject, why is it that vampires are always associated with gothic clothes? Hell, I like the look, but it'd be nice to see a vampire that just wearing jeans and a shirt. Oh, and the fact that Ever insinuates that Haven dresses like vampire is really helping my belief that Haven is secretly Ebony.

Ever's other best friend Miles arrives. He's gay. You can totally tell because of how much he goes on about fashion and emphasizes random words. Because we can't have a gay character who is not camp gay or effeminate. I'm not saying there aren't gays like that,but that seems to be the only depiction. Of course, he's crushing on Damen as well. But Haven goes all catty because she called dibs on Damen. Sweetie, stop being so possessive. It's not like you're dating him. Besides, the entire school called dibs on Damen, so you'll pretty much have to fight them all. Second, did it ever occur to you that Damen might have someone already or he might be gay or asexual? Of course I know that's not going to happen, but it'd make a nice twist. Might actually give him some personality.

Haven uses odd dialogue to describe Damen, such as smoldering and combustible. What does smoldering even mean? I've heard this term before and I don't know how someone who is smoldering is supposed to look.  I'm nineteen, and what I heard when people talked about a guy was that they were hot, and some curse words and slang I can't remember. But maybe Haven's the type of girl who edits herself when she talks.

Miles asks Ever if she's seen Damen and she says yes, which causes them to flip out. But Ever doesn't really care, and her friends flip out even more. Not everyone goes gaga over hot people! Some of us are perfectly capable of keeping calm! Sheesh! Besides, Damen is just a new student. He's not a celebrity. He's done nothing to deserve this mass fangirling the school is doing. Oh, and remember how I said that we were spared a biology scene? We're getting a scene in English instead. If I have to read a poor attempt to make Ever and Damen's romance be like a classic book, I'm going to brain myself with my television remote. What classic is the class reading? Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights, or Pride and Predjudice? It's Wuthering Heights. At least there's no attempt to make Heathcliff and Cathy seem like the ideal couple. Yet again, there's a mention of Ever's hood. Seriously, is Ever the only girl in school who wears a hoodie? Haven's happy because Ever had her hood up, which means that she won't be competition. This is a running theme throughout the series. Haven and Ever are supposed to be best friends, yet Haven is jealous of Ever and likes to see her fail. And seeing as how Ever hasn't gotten a good look at Damen as yet, there's no reason for her to think he's cute. Actually, the entire school can't all have seen Damen, right? Oh, who am I kidding? A mass text was probably sent out and everyone abandoned class to gawk at him.

Damen's in Ever's art class as well. She's not paying attention of course, but everyone else is thinking about him, including the teacher. This remind me of how Mr. Banner had a crush on Bella Swan. Oh, and Ever still hasn't looked at Damen yet, but now the moment of truth has come. Damen has parked next to Ever, which causes Miles to squeal. Good fucking grief. Now Miles flips out over Damen's BMW, because heaven forbid a love interest drive a non flashy car. He makes plans to accidentally bump his car door with Damen's so that he'll have an excuse to talk to him. This is pathetic. Do people honestly make lame excuses to talk to a person they like? Why can't these people just say hello or smile at Damen? Why must everything be a calculation of how to accidentally start a conversation with him?

Ever's a cockblocker, so Miles tells her to check Damen out. It would be funny if Ever didn't think Damen was that hot, but that will never happen. And even if she didn't, she'd be eating her words when Damen does some  stupid flirting, says some cryptic shit, or acts like an asshole. Then she'll be all over him. Of course, Miles has to knock Ever's hood down and steal her sunglasses, because there's no way Damen will find her attractive if she's wearing a horrible hoodie. And now, the moment of truth.... Typical. Ever's completely frozen thanks to Damen's good looks. With all these love interests capable of rendering a girl motionless with their stunning good looks, it might make a nice weapon. Ever stops and stares, and Miles is gesturing because Ever's making a fool of herself. Does Damen live up to the hype? He has shiny dark hair that hits just shy of his shoulders and curves around his high sculpted cheekbones, and deep, dark, almond shaped eyes that are framed with lashes so lush they almost seem fake. His lips are ripe and inviting with a perfect cupids bow. And his body is long, lean, tight, and clad all in black.

Huh. I can't really get a good visual of Damen in my head, unless I picture someone else who has dark hair. I don't really think Damen lives up to the hype, seeing as I don't really know what he looks like. But as I've mentioned before, it's pretty unrealistic that everyone would have a crush on Damen. Miles tries to snap Ever out of her trance, but Ever's still too busy staring at Damen. It's like she's a bird caught in a trapped by a snake's stare. This might actually be a good tool to use if these supernatural creatures were predators instead of love interests. But the reason Ever's staring at Damen is because his eyes seem familiar. I can understand pausing to look at someone because you think you've seen them somewhere before or you think they're cute,but the way this is written makes it sound like Ever's been gawping for five minutes.

Why does Damen seem so familiar to Ever? I'll solve the mystery right now. He's the one she saw at the sight of the crash. It's completely obvious, or I'm just genre savvy. Ever's also transfixed by Damen because he doesn't have an aura. An aura is an invisible field of color that emanates from someone's body. Ever gained the ability to see auras after the accident. Naturally, mentioning this earned Ever a few psychiatric visits and brain scans. Of course, Ever keeps quiet about her new powers after a while. Ever's gotten so used to seeing people's auras that she's forgotten that she didn't always have that power. That kind of reminds me of Edward being unable to read Bella's mind, only gender flipped.

Damen greets Ever, and he has dazzling white teeth. If he has great smelling breath like Edward Cullen, I swear I'm going to throw my copy of Evermore at the wall. Ever still isn't moving. How long has she been staring at Damen? This is getting ridiculous. While she's busy staring at Damen, she introduces Miles to Damen, because Miles is having a hissy fit because he's being ignored. Damen glances at Miles, but clearly his attention is on Ever. He needs to borrow Ever's copy of Wuthering Heights. I can actually understand Ever wanting to touch Damen, but being afraid to because of her powers. It turns out Ever doesn't need to worry, because nothing happened except for a tingling in her fingertips. I wonder if the tingling was an electric spark that means Damen and Ever are soulmates. I've never really bought that if a person touches someone they like they'll both feel a literal spark.

Damen leaves, and Miles yammers on about how Ever acted like such a freak, and emphasizes random words. I want to teleport into this book and duct tape his mouth shut. Oh, and it's a good thing Haven wasn't here, because she called dibs on Damen. You know, Damen is not an item to be bought at an auction. Would it be so much to ask that the love interest has a personality besides being eye candy? Actually, I wonder if everyone goggling at Damen counts as objectifying him. One more thing. Am I to understand that Haven would've gone ballistic if she'd seen Ever talking to Damen? What the hell? First of all, Haven and Damen aren't dating. Second of all, Ever and Damen have every right to talk to each other. I hate significant others that won't let their partners talk to other people without their permission.You know what this reminds me of? Vampire fanfictions where the girl has to ask permission from her boyfriend to hug any other male and afterward the boyfriend has to rub himself all over her to assert his dominance. I hate that shit! And I hate Haven. Possessive freak.

Miles continues to drone on and on, and I don't blame Ever for tuning him out, because I just skimmed his dialogue. Her mind is on more important matters, such as Damen not having an aura. This is really worrying because people who don't have auras are dead.

Evermore Sporking Chapter 1
Evermore is a book about a girl named Ever whose entire family was killed in a horrible accident. After the accident, Ever develops mysterious powers, and tries to drown them out by wearing hoodies and pumping up the volume on her Ipod, which makes her a freak at her new school.Then the mysterious Damen Auguste transfers in, and Ever is instantly drawn to him. But he has a secret(shocker) and Ever wants to know what it is as she finds herself falling in love with him. I bet that when I go to Barnes and Nobles on Saturday, I 'll  find eight books with the exact same plot. I do not own the Immortals series, and no copyright infringement is intended. This is just a hobby and I mean no harm.

Ther's an aura chart in this book, and I suppose the different colors represent what mood someone's in. For example, someone with a yellow aura may be feeling intellectual or indecisive. I don't know how Ever is supposed to tell the difference. Also, can you feel intellectual? I mean, I'd feel pretty smart if I answered a question right or did a good job on a term paper, but intellectual is a whole other thing. Or is someone's aura the summation of their personality?I wonder what my aura would be right now. I feel calm, but there's a lingering annoyance caused by the fact that I accidently deleted my previous attempt at this sporking when I was close to the end. Whatever.  In the spirit of the other young adult writes, Alyson Noel has included a quote from a famous author, Emily Dickinson! The quote goes "The only secret people keep is immortality. No doubt it was thrown in to foreshadow the plot, but I'm pretty sure that the phrase was misinterpeted. It certainly wouldn't surprise me.

The story starts with someone named Haven covering Ever's eyes and saying "Guess who?" There's a paragraph long description of Haven's gothic clothes, and I'm going to be merciful and not trancribe them. Just go to a fanfic where the author's name has a bunch of x's and I'm pretty sure there'll be a paragraph long description of the characters' corsets, spiked collars, dyed spiked hair, and boots. Ever must have a photgraphic memory, because she gives a pretty good description for someone who isn't seeing Haven. I'm reminded of the opening scene in the book Valiant, where the main character's best friend presses a can of soda to her back as a joke. Except that Valiant is one of my favorite books. Ever also knows that Haven has parent issues(who doesn't) and her little brother broke her Evanescence CD, but is too scared to tell her. Given how easily and dramatically Haven throws tantrums later on in the series, I don't blame the kid. Oh, and Ever knows because she's psychic. We just had an info dump of Haven's life, and then get a quick, BTW, Ever's psychic. Again, I'm reminded of fanfiction where the author lists all of the characters deus ex machina powers along with an overblown description of their physical appearance and their entire life story.

Ever decides to screw with Haven by jokingly guessing that she's Hilary Duff, which causes Haven to freak out, because Hilary Duff is a filthy prep, and therefore a mortal enemy to the gothic Haven. Wait a minute, too long descriptions of gothic clothes, hatred of Hilary's Ebony Dementia Raven Darkness Way! She's managed to escape the Harry Potter fandom and become a main character in a book series! Fuck! Ever corrects her answer, and ther's more name dropping. I'm not going to bother with that, save to say that name dropping a certain singer is not character development and will not make me think that the character is gothic.

Now that Ever has appeased Haven, her thoughts turn to how she doesn't want Haven to touch her because touching is too revealing. It might have been interesting if Ever was a germaphobe but I'm sure that trait would somehow manage to annoy me. The conversation turns to how Ever is wearing hoodies and listening to her Ipod loudly. So what? Lots of people wear hoodies to disguise the fact that they listen to Ipods. It's not that unusal. In my high school my classmates would just blatantly listen to their music, but that was because teachers had no authority. Does this school enfore the no Ipods better than mine did? Also, my mom listens to her Ipod really loudly, so that's not unusual. Nothing Ever has done has made me think she's a feak, but I'm only a page or so in.

Haven leaves, and Ever's powers warn her that some idiots are going to harrass Haven by stepping on her long skirt and making her trip. I can buy that, people do stupid shit in high schol. But Haven scares them off by making the sign of evil, which is totally bullshit, by the way, but it scares the boys off. Haven, the middle finger is a much more respected response. Haven's bullshit sign makes me think of the movie A Little Princess,  where Sara Crewe pretends to cast a hex on some girl. Except I love A Little Princess and Haven doesn't deserve  to even spit in Sara's direction. I think this is a survival technique of mine. I keep thinking of thiings I like. This book isn't annoying me that much yet, but it's not sucking me into the story. And I know that it's only the first few pages, but I've heard agents say that readers tend to read the first five pages in a book before deciding to read more, so a strong beginning is nice.

Now that Ever knows Haven is safe from idiot boys who have no life, she goes to class. Stacia Miller places her purse in her way and calls Ever a loser. Thus we see Ever's tragic life as an outcast! Please. That's not bullying, that's a minor inconvinience! This bullying seems a tad childish. I hate bullying in these books. The bullies are one dimensional and have no motivation. Why is the main character always bullied? Not everyone was bullied in high school. Also, the reasons for bullying are supremely weak. Ever is bullied because she wears hoodies and listens to her Ipod. Since when did wearing hoodies make one a freak? And when did listening to your Ipod make you a freak? Half of the kids at my high school and college would be considered freaks by those standards. Talk to me when the bullies dump a bucket of pig's blood on the main character or try to drown them and then talk to me about their tragic life at the hands of the bullies.

While Ever waits for her teacher to come to class, we learn that he's an alcoholic because his life sucks. I wonder if this will come into play, or if it's just an offhand mention to subsitute character development. Personally I believe that Mr. Robins is getting drunk because that's the only way he's able to deal with these characters. We're then treated to a flashback to Ever's life. It turns out that Ever was a normal popular girl, with a loving family, and dog. She was also a cheerleader. A sadistic part of me thinks that the accident was to punish Ever for being a cheerleader, because we all know how cheerleaders get treated in YA. But there was an accident, and Ever has a near death experience. Her entire family starts wandering towards the light, but Ever gets distracted by all the pretty flowers and trees, like Little Red Riding wandering off the path. Except that there's no big bad wolf to eat her. How unfortunate. Ever snaps out of it and tries to find her family, but they've disappeared and she's trapped in the mist. The mist reminds me of something, but I can't think what. But then Ever wakes up bcause someone called her name, and she's looking into hhis dark eyes. I know it's supposed to be a surprise, but it's Damen. It's compeltely obvious that it's Damen. The chapter ends with flashack Ever passing out.

Next time, Damen Auguste is properly introduced.

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Title: Epiphany

Author: Lisaerin

Fandom: Twilight Series

Rating: PG for some language, and mentions of abuse

Word Count: 2,000

Inspiration: Chapter Six of New Moon, when Alice kidnaps Bella

Summary: Bella realizes that the Cullens don’t care about what she wants, and confronts them.



Bella realizes the Cullens don't care about what she wants and confronts themCollapse )

Don't Like, Don't Read
I heard about the Be Nice business and the impact of negative reviews, and that immediately  put me in mind of the phrase, 'don't like, don't read. I've usually seen this in plenty of fanfics when the pairing is non canon and the setting is AU. Most of the summaries for a fanon pairing will clearly state in the summary, 'don't like, don't read.' It's annoying when fanfiction authors begin a chapter by yelling that if reviewers don't like their work, they shouldn't read it. I can be more lenient towards fanfiction writers, since they are not professional writers and are not profiting from their work. But professional authors can have a don't like, don't read attitude as well, such as Laurel K. Hamilton and her 'Dear Negative Reader,' post.  Now as much as people say that writing is an art, and all that rubbish, it is still a job. Granted, it might be a bit more creative than other jobs, but it is still a job. Authors get paid for writing books. They have to finish a book by a deadline( according to a book I read) or they don't get paid. It is highly unprofessional for them to yell at readers 'don't like, don't read, because I find that the phrase has an underlying message of don't like, don't criticize. 
For the most part, I don't read things I don't like. How am I supposed to know if I don't like something if I don't experience it? It's not like I go into a bookstore or a library looking for books I hate. In order for me to know if I don't like the book, then obviously I have to read it. There might be a few plot summaries that might not endear me to a book, but I can always be proven wrong. But let's say I read a book and didn't like it. Why shouldn't I say so? If I've been waiting a long time to read a book and it turned out to be a disappointment, or I paid a lot of money for the book, I have every right to say why I didn't like it.  Once I discuss why I didn't like a book, I will move on. I think that it is important for writers to get all kinds of feedback, instead of just praise. When I used to write fanfiction or newspaper articles, what annoyed me wasn't negative reviews. I did get negative reviews, but I'll get into that later. What annoyed me was the lack of feedback. I spent a long time on my work, and it was annoying not knowing what people thought of it.

Yes, I did get negative reviews on my writing, and I'm sure that my reaction was something lots of people have done. I became butthurt and thought that my criticizer was an imbecile who did not understand my intentions and had no taste. But  I was taking the criticism personally. I think that authors should try to separate themselves from their work.  When I review a book I didn't like, I have no interest in being nasty to the author. It's quite pointless and I really am not the kind of girl who likes going around being mean to others. I can understand a knee jerk reaction to hearing your work sucks. I've done it before. But authors should not tell reviewers to move on and instead listen to what they have to say. When numerous reviews are pointing out the same problem in a book, it's worth looking into. In addition, reviewers can often pick up things the author might have missed, and the author can improve their work.
When I was in ninth grade, I wrote an essay. My teacher said that part of it was unrealistic, and I was upset at first. After I got over my initial hurt, I was able to look at the piece again with a clearer head and more critical eye, and I realized that my teacher was right. I rewrote the essay and got a higher grade. What pleased me was that I was able to take criticism and improve my work. Authors should do the same.

Another issue is the intention issue. Authors can talk all they want about what they intended, but once their work is out in the public eye,  they really can't do anything about it.  For example, some people think that Edward and Bella have an abusive relationship, while others don't. Stephenie Meyer doesn't, but her work is public now and others can interpret it however they want. This is why I think books should be discussed, and not only praised. I'm going for the benefit of the doubt and assuming that these YA authors did not intend to write such anti feminist, abusive relationships. Promoting frank discussion of their books can make authors aware of these issues and maybe they can improve them. If I ever get my book finished and published,  what I'm looking forward to is discussion of how readers interpret the work. I don't intend to put in negative messages on purpose, but sometimes I'm not aware of it. I'm interested to see how others will interpret the work. But I could just be a naive idiot.

I had a crazy idea last night. I decided that I would go to the library and read Hush, Hush, House of Night, Fallen, Evermore and its sequels, and Shiver. After hearing several bad reviews for each of these books, I avoided them. But curiosity got the better of me and I couldn't very well complain about how much the standards for YA novels have fallen without reading some of the alleged best sellers. My plan was foiled and the only book they had available was the third book in the House of Night series, Chosen. Maybe I should be grateful. If the quality of those other books are anything like Chosen, I fear for my sanity.
I have not read the first two books in the House of Night series, but I could gather what was going on. Zoey's best friend Stevie Ray is undead or something and she tried to kill Zoey's boyfriend/Imprint, Heath. Zoey's rival Aphrodite (who is much more likeable than Zoey despite being her rival) saved him. All this is told to me within two pages. The book starts off by Zoey trying to see how many times she can say suck while complaining about her awful birthday. Her birthday is near Christmas, which means that everyone does the cliche thing and gives her Christmas themed gifts. Zoey whines to her kitten about how she'll have to put on a fake smile while people give her lame presents she doesn't like. She makes a few stereotypical remarks regarding her gay friend Damien while she opens her presents. There's a notable scene when Zoey's boyfriend Erik gives her a really pretty necklace and she's estastic until she sees it has snowmen on it. That just ruins the present. Then Zoey's first boyfriend Heath gives her a bracelet and she's happy. Erik and her friends get mad that Zoey acted like an ungrateful bitch, and she has the audacity to say that it's not her fault. Zoey, it is your fault, sweetie. You didn't tell your friends you didn't like Christmas themed gifts for your birthday. You were too busy whining about having sucky birthdays to mention this fact. Just say casually, "I don't like Christmas themed things for my birthday!" Make light of the fact! There's no need for you to make it into a scene where y
you confessed you were abused.
So Chosen follows Zoey's struggle to help her best friend Stevie Ray regain her humanity. I can tell Zoey just misses Stevie Ray so much. Without Stevie Ray, Zoey has to have bad birthday presents! You see why she needs Stevie Ray in her life? Saving your best friend from a bad birthday- that's a real friend. The whole thing with Stevie Ray goes back and forth. Zoey insists that she hasn't changed, Stevie Ray says she isn't human anymore, blah,blah,blah. What's Zoey's reason for Stevie Ray to be human? The clothes are better. That's right. Never mind that her best friend is losing her humanity and chomping down on humans- the important thing is that Stevie Ray looks gross as a feral vampire and her victims might have lice. Teenage priorites. Gotta love them. There's also tension with Zoey's rival Aphrodite joining Zoey's group of friends because she has an affinity for earth. I liked Aphrodite.I liked how she was trying to make up for past mistakes. I liked her bitchy attitude, her insults towards Zoey showing not everyone worshipped her, and the fact that she gave Zoey a dose of reality. Not every girl who has sexual desire is a ho.
Now, that brings me to my next issue. Zoey is fond of using the word ho. The words ho and slut are tossed around a lot these days, and not in the right context. Zoey seems to think that having any sexual desire whatsoever makes you a ho. Zoey is a filthy hypocrite. One of her other problems is that she has three boyfriends. There's her old boyfriend Heath who she imprinted on and now shares some sort of sexual bond. There's her current boyfriend, Erik, who understands her. There's her Professor Blake, or Loren, who is a man that makes her feel like a woman. For a good bit of the book Zoey goes around kissing Loren and then feeling guilty and whining about it. Of course she never does anything to stop it. Then she still has feelings for Heath as proven when she basically humps him in public. But she's not a ho. Just saying.
But the clincher comes at the end of the book. Zoey's crying because Erik's been Changed and it reminds her of when Stevie Ray died. I'm not too sure on the details, at that point I only had thirty pages to go. Anyway, Zoey runs into Loren and he comforts her. He takes her to his dorms- apartments- I don't know, nor do I care. The main thing is that they form an Imprint, which overrides Heath's imprint. Imprints make you feel sexual desire and she and Loren have sex. Zoey wakes up the next morning and describes herself in the most vain way ever. The little issue of Erik crops up, not to mention that she still hasn't dumped Heath, but Loren goes all possessive and says Zoey belongs to him. That's what I like to see! Possessive boyfriends! If I wanted to read this "you belong to me" crap, I'd go read fanfiction. There's plenty of that possessive mates/bond crap floating about. But oh no, Erik comes and see Zoey naked with their Professor. What follows is my favorite moment of the book and Erik's crowning moment of awesome to me. He calls Zoey a slut, accusing her of playing all innocent and virginal while she's been seducing her Professor. He calls her out on being a hypocrite and then says what a fool he was to have fallen in love with her. Then Zoey finds out that Loren was using her and he's in love with the baddie, Neferet. Who didn't see this coming? I've read the same plot in countless fanfictions.
Some shit happens, something about Stevie Ray and some people who are supposed to combat the threat of religious fanatics. Zoey's friends find out that she cheated on Erik. Do they reprimand her for it? No, they just talk about how fiine Loren is. When Erik is still understandably upset, Aphrodite makes a remark that people take an incredibly long time to get over things that happened before. Yes, Erik, how dare you not forgive your girlfriend for cheating on you within an hour? She can get away with that shit; she's a main character. Stevie Ray comes, it's a trap, I don't know. At this point I just wanted the fucking book to end. Stevie Ray is back to normal(which means she can plan decent birthday parties for Zoey, yay!) and Aphrodite is human. The stereotypical religious group that Zoey's stepfather runs, kills Loren, so the vampires are declaring war. I was going to go into a mini-rant about how parents are the worst thing ever next to Christians, but I don't have the energy. There's a wonderful scene when Neferet tells Zoey how much she sucks. I hope Neferet kills her. But since this series is twelve books as far as I'm aware, nothing can kill Zoey. To quote Yugioh the Abridged Series- she's a main character! Everyone else can go right ahead and die!

 Zoey is a horrible main character. She's whiny, unsympathetic, hypocritical, and shallow. She doesn't even seem like a real character. She's more like a mouthpiece for the authors to rant about what they dislike. Unless it fits in with the story, I don't need to listen to the authors rant about how smoking pot is bad, and how any girl who has sexual desire is a ho. Zoey's asides were really annoying. They were like author's notes in the middle of a fanfiction. I hate author's notes in the middle of a fanfiction. I don't give a damn what they had in their fridge. Those asides just interrupt the flow of the story. Maybe the asides were an attempt to show a bit of Zoey's personality, but they fell flat. For example, Zoey makes a sarcastic comment about Hogwarts, then mentions she's a Potter nerd because she's seen the movies. What does that have to do with anything? It's not like she mentioned Harry Potter anywhere else in the book.

 This book sucks. I suppose I could write down some creative similes, but I don't have the energy. My brain still has to recover. I will say that I couldn't believe that this is a bestseller. But after reading an informative book on the publishing world, now I can. Best-seller does not mean quality. It just means that the publishers haven't lost any money on this book. I don't know whether to weep for the future of YA books, or feel confident that my novel might have a fair shot.

I heard two different reviews about this series. A vlogger said it sucked and I generally respect her reviews. My best friend said this was his favorite series. I'm kind of paranoid when it comes to YA paranormal romance these days since I find it is full of bland or annoying female protagonists who only care about their jackass love interest. But I figured that I had no right to complain about this book when I hadn't read it myself and was basing my opinion on someone else.'My school library only had Shadowland. Luckily I read spoilers, so I pretty much understood what was going on. It was time for me to see whether the book would be as awful as the vlogger said or wonderful as my friend said. I side with the vlogger. This book sucks. I wish I could make a funny simile stating how much this book sucks, but I can't. It plain sucks. There are two things that really irk me about this book. But first I wanted to address a little pet peeve. I hate the grammar in this book. It seems fragmented and out of place. Now to my main grievances.

1. The plot. Where the fuck is it? The summary says that a curse has fallen on Damen and now he and Ever must race to find the antidote. In the second book a rogue Immortal called Roman poisoned Damen and tricked Ever into mixing her blood into it. She and Damen can't touch now. If they do, Damen will be sent to the Shadowland, which I suppose is the Immortal version of hell. For at least 200 pages the plot is nothing but Ever trying to find a cure for Damen. I'm sorry, but what cure are you talking about?Damen's not dying or sick; he just can't touch you. That doesn't really warrant a need for a cure for me. The world will not come to an end if your boyfriend cannot touch you. But of course Ever needs Damen's touch to live, so she does stupid shit after stupid shit so she and Damen can fuck. I spent two hours reading about a girl whining because she and her boyfriend can't have sex. There were other parts of the story as well. For instance, there's a new guy named Jude who is Ever's reincarnated lover and a last minute addition to a triangle. Of course we all know Ever will not end up with Jude because these YA writers like to make the choice completely obvious and derail the healthy love interest. Since Jude is a nice, friendly, non-angsty boy, Ever obviously won't end up with him. But Damen doesn't understand that nice guys get shit, so he leaves Ever with Jude so they can sort out their long-lost business together. Of course Ever is lost without Damen and shows absolutely no interest in life, because Damen was her only reason for living. But wait! Suddenly she's getting feelings for Jude. Yeah, 3/4 into the book is not the best time for Ever to magically develop feelings for Jude. But we all know these YA heroines- they're useless without a love interest, and when one leaves, they latch onto the next hot guy. There's some other stuff as well, mostly about Ever trying to stop her aunt Sabine from dating her teacher, and Damen trying to atone for past selfishness. But the main gist is Ever trying to trick Roman into giving her the antidote and continually being a selfish dumbass.

2. My second grievance. The characters. I'm a big character reader. My writing teacher said that we should care about the characters, and I don't care about Ever. No, I do care about Ever. I despise her. Right now I'm fantasizing about magically teleporting into the book, beating her with a bat, scratching her eyes out, and then jumping on her mangled body. I'm aware it won't work because she can do some deus machina healing bullshit, but I need this stress relief. Where do I begin with Ever Bloom? She's just so unlikeable I don't know where to begin. Let's see if I can manage to write down just why she sucks. She's a brat. All she cares about is hooking up with Damen. When her aunt tells her she needs to get a job, Ever whines about it because she won't have time to find the antidote for Damen so they can fuck. Priorities, people. Ever manages to avoid the horror of working and having a life outside of Damen by going to a metaphysical bookstore where she meets the third point of the love triangle. She also doesn't want her aunt to date her teacher because it will be inconvenient for her. Ever told the teacher, Munoz, about her powers, and now she's afraid that her Sabine will find out. Of course there's no possibility that Sabine will be understanding because parents/ guardian figures never understand the protagonist. They should be dropped the second the smoldering love interest comes into play.
Ever is shallow and selfish. Damen went to the Shadowlands for a brief period of time, I think. Now he's shaken up about what happened and determined to make things right. He realizes he was a selfish bastard and I applaud him for it. Ever, on the other hand, whines because Damen isn't dressing nicely anymore or driving the hot BMW. She insists that she'd love Damen no matter what, but she admits that she was initially attracted to him because he was rich. Shallow bitch. She spends a good bit of time complaining because Damen isn't manifesting material things anymore and dressing nicely. Boo fucking hoo. If your boyfriend trying to be more responsible is that much of a problem, he should dump your ass. Ever also displays her selfishness in this book. Two twins, Romy and Rayne, are trapped in the mortal world thanks to Ever's mistake with Roman. They have no idea how to survive, since they are from the time of the Salem Witch trials. Does Ever care that they are stranded because of her? I think there's a brief period of remorse, but it's overshadowed by her more urgent needs. Damen thinks that they owe it to the twins to help them, since they helped him find Ever, but Ever is upset because Rayne(one of the only characters I liked) calls her out on her bullshit. Of course since she dislikes Ever no one will listen to her, even if she's right. Ever tries to send the twins back to Summerland so she doesn't have to handle the inconvenience of a thirteen-year old disliking her and having more common sense than she does.

Ever is an idiot. She's so consumed with trying to have sex with Damen that she goes against everyone's sensible advice. Damen tells her that Roman is a liar and can't be trusted. So what does Ever do? Like any good incompetent heroine, she goes right to Roman and gets into trouble. How many times does this happen? I dunno, I lost count. My favorite was the time she went to Roman and he blackmailed her saying he'd tell Damen. But her crowning moment of stupidity has to be when she casts a spell using the Book of Shadows to get Roman to give her the antidote. Never mind that Jude and Damen warn her that people get over their head when they use magic (or is it spelled magick in this book?) and that she should not try to impose her will on people because things are supposed to be a certain way. Those people didn't know what they were doing. Ever has a great need- she has to see her boyfriend! Surely that trumps all needs. So she casts a spell to make Roman give her the antidote. Romy and Rayne, who are far more experienced, tell Ever that she's made a huge mistake. But of course Ever knows better than the twins and ignores them. Turns out she fucked up royally, but the only two characters who will call her out on this will be Roman and Rayne. Rayne will be ignored because she doesn't like Ever(smart girl) and Roman will be ignored because he is a villain. Then Ever makes another stupid mistake by changing her whiny, over dramatic, bitchy best friend Haven into an Immortal.The book ends with Ever whining about how she fucked up and Damen forgiving her. Herein lies my main problem. No one can call Ever out on her shit and have her listen. Damen just hugs her and says she had the best intentions, it wasn't her fault, and that it will be okay. No! Damen needs to stop coddling Ever and tell her she's fucked up. How is she supposed to grow as a character if the only person she will listen to does not call her on her mistakes? I don't care if she had the best intentions(personally I found them to be selfish) she's still wrong. She's fucked up so many times, yet no one calls her on it. Please, for the love of God, have someone call her on her mistakes! Oh, who am I kidding? Ever will never have anyone call her on her bullshit and she'll never listen if they do. She'll continue fucking up and everyone will magically forgive her. It's wonderful being the main character of a shitty YA novel.
There was a slight saving grace in this book- Rayne and Roman. I know that I'm supposed to oppose them because they're mean to poor, delicate, useless Ever, but I liked them. Rayne was the only one to call Ever out on her shit and through her I could say the things I wanted to Ever. It's too bad no one listens to her. Roman was just a fun character. He didn't really seem villainous, up until he poisoned Haven. It was fun watching him taunt and tease Ever, especially since she could never get the upper hand. Their dialogue reminded me of dialogue better written couples have had when they are still in the stage of disliking each other. Roman and Rayne rock, but they weren't enough to save this book. I know no one will listen to Rayne, and Roman is probably going to die.

What bothers me most about this book is the plot and characters. I can deal with an unoriginal plot if there are vivid characters, and I can deal with unlikeable characters if there's an interesting plot. Sometimes I will be fortunate enough to get both, but I can settle with one. I got neither an interesting plot or interesting characters in this book. The plot is just stupid.In fact, I don't think there was a plot- just Alyson Noel jumping around a few ideas. The most consistent thing was Ever trying to find a cure for Damen, which doesn't count as a plot.I don't care if she and her boyfriend can't touch. If they're supposed to have this brilliant, all-consuming, superior, wonderful love, their relationship should be able to survive without physical touch. I hesitate to include the love triangle because it was randomly introduced 218 pages in, and it's obvious that Ever will choose Damen. I guess Ever's whining might count as a plot point as well, I'm not sure. I hated the characters. I don't know if I've scratched the surface with how much I HATE Ever. My words seem inadequate. She's selfish, lazy, shallow, stupid, stupid, a moron, an idiot, lobotomized, and STUPID! If she wasn't a character in a best-selling series, her ass would have been dead, dead, dead, and DEAD! Sadly there is no justice in the world. This book caused me pain. I mean it. I'm not exaggerating for comedy purposes. I had to restrain myself from beating myself over the head with this piece of shit book. I felt like crying when I saw I had a 110 pages left. I had to stop to bang my head when I read that Damen was keeping tabs on Ever since she was ten. I tried to bang my head against the wall, but my chair was too low. I had to settle for pinching myself instead. Eventually I couldn't bring myself to read any further and had to take a break. I went on Goodreads and started clicking the one star a bunch of times. It eased my stress slightly. Why didn't I stop? Because I'm a masochist and I had to see just how bad this was. What bothers me is that Ever has no personality outside of being madly in lust with Damen. I'm not sure if Alyson Noel meant for Ever to be such a shallow, stupid bitch, so I'm not sure if I should count those as her personality traits. She's like most of these YA heroines these days- her boyfriend defines her. Is it so much to ask for a heroine to have a personality that isn't whiny and doesn't focus on her love interest? Is it? But no. This makes money. I understand that people need money, but must our standards be lowered? Why can't we have strong female protagonists who like their love interests for their personalities? Why can't the love interests have personalities and be actual characters?
According to TV Tropes, this series is a follow of the leader of Twilight. It should have ended with Twilight, but there was no strength left in the heart of publishers.

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Title: Discipline


Fandom: New Moon

Rating: PG 13

Word Count: 2712

Inspiration: New Moon, Chapter 4

Warnings: Mentions of attempted rape and abuse, language

Summary: Charlie Swan finds out about Bella's stunt in Port Angeles with Jessica, and is not happy.

Author's note: Mervin was talking about how Mrs.Stanley would have told Charlie that Bella did not go out with Jessica. I figured that Jessica would tell her mother about what Bella did, and she would tell Charlie.



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  [lj-cut text= This spitefic will make me feel better.)

Someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes to see a girl bending over me. She looked about fifteen with wild red hair and blue eyes. She had on a ratty gray shirt and jeans. Her outfit looked like it had been picked up off the bedroom floor. She was pale, too. If her eyes weren't blue I would have guessed that she was a vampire. "You're up," she said. "That's good. Miraculously you weren't injured. No broken bones. And you're not dead. I'm impressed. Do you feel alright?"
  "Yes, I feel fine," I answered. The girl nodded crisply. "Good." She stared at me for a moment more and then slapped me with all her strength. My head jerked from the impact. Before I could say something, she slapped me again. "You are the most aggravating person I have ever met!" she screamed.
  "Now, wait a minute. Who are you? What gives you the right to slap me?"
"The name's Rogue. And ordinarily I wouldn't have bothered with you. I mean, the world's full of self-absorbed teenagers like you. But you're just- great, now I'm so worked up that I can't even think of a good word to describe you. Wait, I can. Brat, whore, slut, selfish, annoying, judgmental, hypocritical, whiny,shall I go on? No, on second thought, we'll be here all night and the Nostalgia Critic has a new review out. I'll just stick to a few main points."
  She paused to draw breath and I managed to get a word in edgewise. "Look, I don't know who you think you are, but you have no right to talk to me like that!" Why was she being so mean? It was so unfair.
 Rogue chuckled scathingly. "Oh, I don't, do I? Well, it's high time somebody did. Let's talk about Edward dumping you." I gasped as a pang pierced my heart. "Don't say his name," I begged. Rogue's face showed no sympathy. "Edward.Edward.Edward. Edward." I let out a little moan and clutched my chest tighter. "Stop it," Rogue snapped. "I'm saying Edward's name. Get over it. He left you. He left you on the middle of the forest floor like a coward. He treated you like a child. You know, maybe that's what this is all about. You threw a temper tantrum about visiting a rainy place to see your father so you never really had a father figure. And since you thought Renee was too incompetent to do her job as your mother, you never really had a parent figure. For god's sake, Edward watches you sleep, carries you around, puts you on his lap...he disregards your feelings all the time. When was the last time he asked you what you wanted and listened to you?"
  "Don't say that!" I cried. "Edward was just trying to protect me!"  Rogue carried on ruthlessly. "Sure, he was trying to protect you. That's why he left you helpless in the forest. Doesn't the fucker realize that the cowardly way to dump someone these days is through Facebook or texting? Now I can understand you being upset. It's normal. But it's been months. Move on with your life. You cannot curl up and die whenever a boy dumps you. It happens. If we all did that the world's population would be screwed. A guy I liked for a while said he liked me, kissed me, then the next day he got back together with his girlfriend and said it was all a mistake. I felt like crap for a while, but I ranted to my mom and best friend and moved on. Try it."
  She paused to take a breath. "Now let's talk about your treatment of Jacob. Stop leading that poor boy on.And don't even think about protesting that he's misreading your signals. You know he has feelings for you. Now I believe that girls and guys can hug each other and it can still be platonic. But both parties have to acknowledge it and accept it. Jacob thinks you have feelings for him and you allowing him to paw you is just encouraging him. Tell him that you're still hung up on your boyfriend of a few months and that you'll never allow yourself to be in a healthy relationship again. Then stop hugging him and all that. It's selfish."
   "I'm not leading Jacob on!And I don't have feelings for him!"
Rogue snorted but didn't press the point. "And what about being afraid of Jacob because he's a werewolf? Oh, he kills people. He can control it." Rogue mocked my voice. "But you didn't mind when Edward said he killed people. Oh no, that wasn't his fault. He was a vampire. And I seem to recall Edward mentioning that he wanted to kill you when he first met you. Jasper attacked you. So did James. Victoria's after you. By all rights, you should be more afraid of vampires than werewolves. At least they're risking their lives for humanity and to protect your ungrateful ass. What do your precious vampires do? They're either trying to kill you or sitting on their lazy asses at school even though they know all this shit. Why are you admiring a bunch of whiny, lazy,judgmental teenagers? Oh yeah, because you are one. And what's this about Jacob dying being unfair to you? Are you fucking kidding me? Yes, how dare Jacob die. Never mind that it's a young life cut tragically short. Never mind that his family will be devastated. Never mind that he'll be sacrificing himself to help you. No, he can't die because it'll upset you. After the strain of having your boyfriend dump you, who knows how much more you can take?" Rogue's voice takes on a sickeningly sweet tone as she says this. "But then you take it a step further. Jacob has the audacity to try and stop Victoria from killing you. So he had to postpone your cliff-diving date. But noo, you couldn't wait to hear Edward's voice yourself so you decide to try and commit suicide. And of course you choose the most dramatic and difficult way to die. What, you couldn't just slit your wrists? Oh, yeah, the blood might remind you of you vampires. Look, I've got some poison. I'll hook you up. It's much quicker and less messy."
   "I was not trying to kill myself!" I snap. How dare she think that? Rogue smirked. "Sure you weren't. I'm sure you thought you would be perfectly fine after jumping off the cliff into the raging water." A knock sounded at the door and I heard someone call for Rogue. Her face transformed. A wide smile spread across her face and her eyes lit up. She was almost pretty. A tall girl with long brown hair walked into the room. She had pink and red highlights. Spiked bracelets lined her arms and she had on a corset and tight pants. Rogue smiled. "I like the look." The girl grinned back. "Thanks. Had a meeting with the royals and wanted to fuck with them." Rogue leaned into the girl's embrace. "It looks sexy." The girl looked at Coral the way Edward looked at me. No way. It was impossible. Two girls- I didn't have anything against it, but-
  The girl noticed me then. "Who are you?" she turned to Rogue. "Cheating on me, are you? Or is this a threesome?" Before I could splutter out a protest, Rogue interrupted. "No, Coral. She's not into fairies and witches. She's into corpses with glitter."
 "Oh." Coral looked at me, took Rogue's hand, and led her into the next room. [lj-cut text]

A Hogwarts Adventure
Chp 9: Surprise, Surprise

Everyone is excited about the ball. I'm still annoyed. Sarah's on her bed and gets a note telling her to meet someone by the lake. It's obviously Malfoy, but it's supposed to be a surprise. I'd like it if it turned out to be a trap by PPC agents, but no such luck. Lavender comes in and tells Sarah that someone wants to ask her out. Sarah gets all prettied up and heads to the lake. Yet again Malfoy grabs her and yet again Sarah freaks out. Damn it, Malfoy, when will you learn? Don't grab Sarah! Sarah rightfully asks why he didn't just write his name on the note and Malfoy says he wanted it to be a surprise. Why didn't he just tell her that he wanted her to meet him by the lake and that he had a surprise? He could have put his name.
They go to the lake and Malfoy's prepared a romantic dinner. I can feel my stomach turning. Malfoy would not do this. If Malfoy and Sarah start slow dancing, someone's gonna die. Malfoy says he wanted to do something nice for Sarah. I didn't know he even knew what that word meant. He says that Sarah has a strange effect on him. Well, duh, she's a Sue. Sarah jokes that Malfoy is ruining his reputation by associating with a Gryffindor. Now she mentions it? They've been flirting(horribly) for a few chapters, and she now mentions this? Also, how does she know about his reputation? Did Harry tell her? Did she hear it from someone else? She also finally mentions that she doesn't like the way Malfoy treats her friends. Well, better late than never. But where is this coming from? She's never mentiond it before. Sarah gets up to leave and Malfoy grips her wrist to make her stay. He grips it too hard. Sarah tells him to let go and he runs off. Well, that was certainly a mood killer.

Chp 10:  Hogsmeade

So after Malfoy runs off, Sarah decides to go after him. She finds him crying underneath a tree. Malfoy says that he's used to getting his on way all the time and isn't used to people standing up to him. He's having a tantrum because he didn't get his own way. Pathetic. Sarah asks why she's different, and Malfoy says she isn't. She really isn't. She's just like any other Sue. Malfoy leaves and Sarah gets angry. I'd be pretty annoyed too if a guy made me a romantic dinner, said I wasn't anything special, and left. Whatever. I'd tell him to come back once he's sorted out his mood swings. I really hate love interests who do that. But I digress.

  Sarah goes back to the Great Hall and sits down by Harry, Ron, and Hermione. She reaches over to pick up a goblet of pumpkin juice and her sleeve falls back.  Malfoy left a mark when he grabbed her. Harry and Ron are understandably upset, but Sarah defends Malfoy. I guess now would be a good time to mention she was in an abusive relationship. Great. Yet she'll still defend Malfoy. Real strong independent woman there. Malfoy is still ignoring Sarah the next day in Potions. She and Hermione decide to have a girl's night in and watch movies. I might as well get this out of the way now. Electrical things don't work in Hogwarts! And as much as I love the Room of Requirement, it's basically there to serve the Sue's needs. Hermione comforts Sarah about Malfoy, although I'd think she'd tell her what a jerk he is. Sarah decides to go get Harry and Ron so she can show off her cooking and leaves.

She runs into Malfoy and he asks her to Hogsmeade. If that were me I'd tell him to bugger off. I have no desires to deal with his moody, emo ass. But Sarah says yes just as long as he doesn't insult Hermione again or pull another stupid stunt. I really shouldn't be surprised that Sarah forgives Malfoy so easily. I am a little surprised that he goes from calling Hermione a mudblood to her name.  I'd have thought he'd call her Granger. She meets up with Harry and Ron and they watch the Harry Potter movies with Hermione. How does that work? If wizards were exposed, wouldn't there be a huge ruckus? Maybe J.K.  Rowling lived in an alternate universe in this fic and dreamed about the Harry Potter universe. They make it back the next morning without getting into trouble.

The next day at Hogsmeade, Sarah meets Malfoy at the Three Broomsticks. She whines that the beer isn't hard enough. Great, she's a drunk as well. That should be fun. Malfoy agrees to let Sarah pick out a costume for him. I cannot believe he would do that. Malfoy would not allow some girl he's known for at least a week or more to pick out a muggle costume so he can go to a muggle ball. Maybe I should stop mentioning how OOC everyone is, but it's really hard. Malfoy asks Sarah to the dance. Then he kisses her. It's the same rubbish about tilting her chin up and sucking on her bottom lip begging for entrance. Is this what kissing is really like? Sarah runs up to the common room and announces that there will be a party because Malfoy kissed her. I wonder what she'll do when they have sex. But how is she going to get away with the party? I know Rowling didn't mention it, but I find it hard to believe that students wouldn't try to use the Room of Requirement to throw wild parties. Second, Sarah's going to be serving drinks. That is completely irresponsible.

The party has alcoholic beverages and music, even though Hogwarts doesn't support electrical stuff. Sarah starts dirty dancing and Harry grinds with her. Are you kidding? Harry can't even ask Cho to the Yule Ball, yet he can grind with someone? Blah, blah, blah, Sarah gets drunk and talks about stupid shit she did when she was drunk.


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